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Interactive Driver PreTest - #2


    "Please let me know if you have any suggestions which will help others with the licensing process. Let your friends and relatives know this web site is available to them."

CAUTION: Your browser must be JavaScript enabled to complete the sample drivers test below. Only JavaScript  enabled browsers will check your answer and provide an immediate pop-up response indicating if your answer is correct or not. Browsers that do not support JavaScript  may seem to indicate the wrong answer as the correct answer. Don't worry, most browsers have JavaScripts.

1.Where should you stop when at a stop sign adjacent to a crosswalk?
10 feet before the crosswalk
Before blocking cross traffic
At the first line of the crosswalk
2. At what point should you stop at an intersection when there is no limit line?

Immediately adjacent to the stop sign
At a point where cross traffic is visible both directions
At the corner

3. Your wheels should be turned to the right and the parking brake set when:

Parked on a curve
Parked downhill whether there is a curb or not or uphill with no curb
Parked parallel to the curb

4. Repeated tailgating can result in:

Citations, frustrated drivers, and/or collisions
Quicker arrival at your destination
Fewer collisions caused by being cut off

5. All motorists are subject to the "implied consent" law. This means you have, by driving in California, agreed:

To testing for alcohol or other drugs
To be stopped at sobriety checkpoints
To be stopped at any time by a police officer

6. The signal at the intersection you're approaching turns yellow and you are too close to stop safely. What do you do?

Stop anyway
Continue across carefully
Sound your horn as you enter the intersection

7. In a business area, it is legal to make a U-turn:
At an intersection or a paved opening intended for turning
Anywhere, if on-coming traffic is within 200 feet
In front of a fire station
8.What is the minimum distance all persons in front of airbags should be from the airbag?

Varies based on the individual's height
One foot
10 inches

9.A motorist can legally drive in a bicycle lane:

When there are no bicycles in the lane
Within 200 feet of an intersection when intending to turn right

10. One safety rule regarding large trucks is to not cut them off. What is another?

They are professionals and can be expected to always obey the law
Their weight makes it easier for them to stop quickly
When following one, leave more room in order to see around it

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