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Interactive Driver PreTest - #11


    "Please let me know if you have any suggestions which will help others with the licensing process. Let your friends and relatives know this web site is available to them."

CAUTION: Your browser must be JavaScript enabled to complete the sample drivers test below. Only JavaScript  enabled browsers will check your answer and provide an immediate pop-up response indicating if your answer is correct or not. Browsers that do not support JavaScript  may seem to indicate the wrong answer as the correct answer. Don't worry, most browsers have JavaScripts.

1.The message of this sign is:
Left turn is required ahead
You cannot turn right
Two way traffic is about to begin
2. You are about to proceed straight ahead after a full stop at a stop sign. Where should you look before proceeding?
Left, right, left
Right, left, right
Right, left, behind
3.The speed limit in an alley is:
15 m.p.h.
The same as intersecting streets
20 m.p.h.

4.The message of this sign is

Vehicles carrying people in wheelchairs only
Any disabled person is allowed to park
Only authorized disabled people are allowed to park

5.What is the speed limit when approaching a blind railroad crossing?

Slow enough to stop if it becomes necessary
10 mph
15 mph

6. What is the best reason for wearing a seatbelt when riding as a passenger?

Protects passengers from being injured by the airbag
It sets a good example for the children in the vehicle
It's a law which saves lives

7. According to the DMV driver handbook, how do you know when it is safe to return to your lane after passing another vehicle?
When it is safe
You can see the other vehicles headlights in your mirror.
When oncoming traffic is unsafe
8.According to the DMV driver handbook, what is a good way to maintain alertness when driving?

Talk or sing out loud
Talk to your passengers
Open windows or vents to allow air to flow through the vehicle

9.The message of a white curb is:
Passenger loading or unloading
Parking is limited to 15 minutes or some other time limitation
Disabled parking only
10. When you are cut off in traffic:
Remove your foot from the accelerator pedal
Apologize for your inappropriate actions
Honk to let the other driver know they are endangering others

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