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So - you want to drive?

Have your parents agreed that, until you are 18, they are willing to accept full civil responsibility for everything you do behind the wheel of anything you drive? Congratulations! You've passed the trustworthiness test. My dad wouldn't let me drive until I graduated from high school, even though I took driver education when I was a sophomore. It's great fun to have your mother drive you and your date to the movie because you'd like to have one date alone, without having to hang out with a crowd.

If you really want to be sure that you are ready, you need to attend a Responsible Teen Driver Seminar. In 4 hours, I will not only make sure you're ready, but will also limit (in writing) your parents' opportunities to hassle you about driving to things related to driving.

Or there is this alternative.

Read everything in the vital Info section - most of us take decades to learn this stuff, if ever. And usually we learn it the hard way.

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Don't like the car your parents have provided for you? Rejoice, it could be worse!