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W.R. Marlowe Educational Services

The Kit has everything necessary to take control of the situation and protect your family from frivolous lawsuits and unfair insurance claims.


  • Instruction sheet explains how to prepare the Kit as well as a check list for what to do when a crash occurs.
  • The driver writes their narration of the incident on the narration form. This is very valuable when it becomes necessary to testify months afterward.
  • Driver information forms allow all involved drivers to provide the information required by law to others involved.

  • Witness information forms allow witnesses to get involved by providing their information and making their statement in writing.

  • The 27-exposure flash camera makes it possible to document who is present, and what damage was done.
  • The state-required SR-1 accident report form must be mailed immediately if there is more than $500 damage or any injuries or deaths.
  • The 2-sided accident scene diagram allows the driver to create a diagram of what happened.
  • 7 ink pens and 1 felt-tip pen are used to fill out the enclosed forms.
  • 1 pair latex gloves - because you never know.
  • 3 road flares are far safer than emergency flashers for assuring that other drivers do not impact the crash scene.

Krash Kits can be ordered for delivery or pickup in Orange County, California for the following prices:

1 Kit
2-10 Kits
 $26.00 each
10 + Kits
 $24.00 each
Call 800 400 4262

Since road flares can't be shipped, Krash Kits ordered for shipment will not contain them:

1 Kit
2-10 Kits
 $ 21.00 each
10+ Kits
 $19.00 each
Plus $3.50 shipping per Kit

Mail order to:
W.R. Marlowe