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When your windshield gets a “ding” or crack:

Determine whether it can be repaired - is the flaw cone-shaped, a deep circle or a star with lines radiating from it? If so, it probably can be repaired. This is preferable to replacing the windshield because replacement can result in wind noise or leaking. Put a piece of Scotch tape over the flaw to repel contamination, which could complicate the repair.

Fix it now! - Delay will result in a small flaw becoming a large, illegal crack that could cause your windshield to blow out if your airbag deploys.

Avoid temperature fluctuations on the glass until the repair is done. Such fluctuations will cause the flaw to suddenly expand. Park out of the sun and keep water away from the windshield.

Talk to your auto insurance agent. Your insurance may cover the repair, even though you have a deductible. The repair could cost more than the deductible or the insurer may waive it. Ask your agent for recommendations of repair shops. Look for certification by the National Windshield Repair Association or the National Glass Association.

And remember this BobSaid “Basic Rule of Life” -

“Never buy the cheapest anything. It is cheapest for a reason.”