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No, the questions on BobSaid.com are not the same questions you will see at the DMV office. Those tests are copyrighted. My questions are direct restatements which provide the same information on the same topics. If you have suggestions email me, I am wide open to receive them.

The DMV written tests are created directly from information in the DMV driver handbook.

Obviously, to be as prepared as possible, start by doing all of the pre-tests. There are no repeated questions. These are not just "practice" questions; these are "study" questions. Take the time to not only understand why the correct answers are correct, but to understand why the wrong answers are wrong. I have attempted to cover in single questions the information that may be used to make numerous questions on the DMV tests.

Over the years, the California DMV's tests have been changed many times in order to stay current with the Vehicle Code and contemporary thinking about safe driving standards. Many people have expressed frustration at the varied quality of the questions used. Some have shown that questions have been used which were based on incomplete information or presumptions not supported by law. Do not expect this to change in the near future.

The responsibility of each person who accepts the privilege of driving is to be aware of the law. If you know the law as you should, most poorly written questions can be figured out. Simple common sense can help with others.


  1. Read the question until you understand it. Don't look at the answers until you understand the question. You don't understand it until you know what its topic is. What law or concept is it testing?

  2. Once you understand the question, read all of the answers at least twice. Don't presume that you know the proper answer just because you understand the law or concept being tested. You must conquer this question about that law or concept.

  3. Go through the test 3 times:

First - Answer the easy questions, skipping the ones you need to think about.

Second- Answer the ones you know that require thought, skipping the ones you have no idea about.

Third- Struggle through the "impossible" questions. Reason them out. Many times you can determine the correct answer by eliminating the obviously wrong ones. But be sure to answer every question. A guess gives you a 33.33% chance of getting it right. Failing to answer gives you a 100% chance of getting it wrong.

Relax, normally you can fail the test 3 times before any significant negative consequences are even considered. Take your time, follow the above instructions and, assuming you know the law and how to drive properly, you should pass with no problems. And remember to send BobSaid.com a copy of your test so we can keep our information up-to-date. Our mailing address is:

P.O. Box 2721
Anaheim, CA 92814

Now, get on with it.